The Solmates Story

Founded in 2007 as a materials consultancy company, Solmates now uses science, technology and international collaborations to develop Pulsed Laser Deposition equipment for Semicon volume manufacturing.

We believe PLD is the next generation thin-film technology, enabling deposition of complex materials for novel devices that shape the future around us.

The Semicon industry shapes the connected world around us: mobiles, wearables, internet everywhere. Year after year, the progress has been so fast it almost seems normal. The roll-out of 5G connectivity has just begun, with many challenges still ahead. Solmates develops and sells unique PLD equipment to Semicon manufacturers, providing superior quality wafers at a fraction of the cost. In our vision, it is a realistic ambition to have a Solmates-PLD layer in every connected device in 2030.

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Unique benefits of Solmates-PLD

Pulsed Laser Deposition is widely recognized as a versatile thin-film deposition technology. Popular in academics and R&D Institutes, material Scientist have successfully used PLD to deposit a wealth of complex materials. PLD is particularly suited for multi-compound materials and applications where supersaturation promotes favorable nucleation/crystallization at relatively low surface temperatures. For more information on the technology, read PLD explained. Shift to novel ‘material systems’ A recent trend in Semicon is the focus shift from miniaturization to novel ‘material systems’.
Our mission is to bring the unique benefits of PLD technology to the manufacturing market.

To achieve this, Solmates is the only supplier of PLD equipment with the proprietary knowledge to deposit uniformly on large substrates with industry compatible defect controls.

Solmates-PLD is fast and provides superior quality at a fraction of the cost
For most materials, Solmates can deliver volume manufacturing solutions at a fraction of the Cost-per-Wafer of other technologies. With PVD-like throughputs, the main cost differentiator is the highly productive and easy to manufacture ceramic targets. 

Disrupting the perceived blocker: particles

We disrupt the widespread premise that PLD-particles are a blocker for Semicon manufacturing. Particle reduction is the core of Solmates’ proprietary knowledge and patent portfolio.

Solmates realized early on that infamous PLD particles have to be suppressed. Delivering upon promise, Solmates has been able to keep up with its ambitious particle reduction roadmap, with further improvements ahead. Our approach is a two-fold battle; firstly suppression the formation of particle during laser ablation and secondly the removal of particles from the plasma plume before the material reaches the wafer.

Multiple particle reduction patents
Solmates built an extensive portfolio of particle reduction technologies, comprising multiple patent families. Tacit examples are equipment platforms with three generations of particle filters (aka ‘droplet traps’) and proprietary Scanramics® targets.

In Semicon, particles are never low enough
While Solmates has a dedicated team to meet the aggressive particle reduction roadmap, positive customer feedback indicates that good manufacturing yields can be achieved. A possible explanation is that PLD particles, ejected from the target during laser ablation, have the same stochiometric composition as the surrounding deposited PLD layer. As such, the particles do not cause shorts but also do not contribute to the functionality. Will this hold for your devices? There is only one way to find out: request a Solmates-PLD demo.

Solmates PLD as a yield booster
Utilizing the local and pulsed nature of the deposition, Solmates can help solve costly manufacturing issues. A prime example is the control over film stress, where Solmates can ensure best-in-class uniformity over the entire wafer. If desired, these controls can be used to compensate for non-uniformities in other steps, e.g. to manage the total stress uniformity of a multi-layer stack along the wafer. This providing manufacturers a solution for integration issues, hence boosting their manufacturing yields.

Solmates-PLD has the potential to boost manufacturing yield

At Solmates, we value...


Using creativity and knowledge to break boundaries.

Technical excellence

Quality by design, leadership in PLD.


Keep on pushing to achieve.​


Organizational readiness to ramp-up production volume.


Long term collaboration, delivering upon promise.

Team Spirit & wellbeing

Together we work-hard-play-hard. We cherish a healthy work-life balance. Join us: carreers.

Our contribution to shape the connected world

As noted before, connectivity is everywhere, anytime. Solmates appreciated fast developments and ‘early adopting’ manufacturers are moving in. Our PLD equipment is already changing the future of thin film materials.

Examples are MEMS RF-filters, sensors, ultrasonic transducers for motion sensing, uOLED screens, microphones/speakers, phase shifters for 5G mm. mmWave base stations, photonic connections in data centers, LIDAR for automotive, satellite communication, monolithic MEMS on CMOS.

Manufacturers are investing in Solmates-PLD to deposit materials for future mass connectivity.

Increasing the pace of innovation, shortening time to market

The fundamental physics of Pulsed Laser Deposition translate into a large window of operation. This means parameters can be optimized over large ranges independently with little trade-offs. For example, changing layer stress from compressive to tensile without impact on the piezo performance. With PLD, uniformity over large substrates are easily achieved. Many materials with same equipment configuration, and PLD targets can be sourced relatively easily and cost effective. 

Therefore, PLD is very attractive for technology leading volume manufacturers as well as low-volume-high-mix foundries.

Solmates-PLD will change your business

PLD is recognized as a very versatile thin film deposition technology, popular in academics and R&D Institutes as well. For most materials, Solmates-PLD has proven the technology is ready for the industrial deposition of materials of the future.

PLD is recognized as a very versatile thin film deposition technology, popular in academics and R&D Institutes as well. For most materials, Solmates-PLD has proven the technology is ready for the industrial deposition of materials of the future.

Top Solmates-PLD system buying reasons are:

  • Versatility with materials
  • Particle reduction patents
  • High manufacturing yields
  • Volume manufacturing solutions at a fraction of the Cost-per-Wafer compared to other technologies
  • Demands of the materials of the future

Read more about how we use PLD technology to change your business on PLD equipment or contact a local sales representative for further explanation.