Life changing layers in every connected device

Lightning fast, the semicon industry shapes the world around us: computers, mobiles, wearables. Connected devices are everywhere, anytime and we are just at the beginning.

Solmates is used to the fast pace of technological semiconductor progress. Since our start as a consultancy firm offering material-science-related services, we offer effective solutions to real world challenges. Take the start of the roll-out of 5G for example, many challenges are still ahead. Solmates builds unique thin film equipment for industry and research to offer solutions to challenges like this. In our vision, we will see a Solmates-PLD layer in every connected device in 2021.

Changing the future of thin film materials.
Our thin-film Pulsed Laser Deposition hard and software is changing the future of thin film materials. Examples of applications are MEMS RF-filters, sensors, ultrasonic transducers for motion sensing, uOLED screens, microphones/speakers, phase shifters for 5G mm. Wave base stations, photonic connections in data centers, LIDAR for automotive, satellite communication, monolithic MEMS on CMOS.

ScAlN thin films for 5G RF-MEMS

The semiconductor companies who are investing in Solmates-PLD to deposit the materials of the future, are the proof PLD is going to have a contribution to the future of mass connectivity.

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Overview of our markets, PLD application and materials

Markets Application / Functionality Materials
RF & 5G SAW, BAW, timing devices, discrete devices (varactors, beam-steering, high-K) Sc:AlN, AlN, BN, BaTiO3, Ba1-xSrxTiO3, LiNbO3
OLED & LED Anti-reflection, TCO's, barriers, passivation Al2O3, AZO, HfO2, IGZO, ITO, IZO, IZrO, IWO, MgO, Mg-ZnO, Ta2O5, ZnO, ZrO2
MEMS & NEMS Sensing, actuation, acoustics Al2O3, BiFeO3, KNN, LaNiO3, PbTiO3, Pb(Zr, Ti)O3, PMN-PT, SrRuO3, LiNbO3, ZnO, AlN, Sc:AlN, HfO2
CMOS & Power IC High-k, passivation, barriers, spintronics AlN, Al2O3, CeO2, HfO2, MgO, PZT, SrTiO3, TiN, ZrO22
Energy SOFC, PV, batteries, thermoelectrics YSZ, CIGS, Gd-CeO2, ITO, (La,Sr)(Co, Fe)O3, LixMnO2, LixCoO2, NaxCoO2, AlOx, MoOx, TiOx
Photonics Electro-optics, IR-detection, waveguides, quantum computing, Pockels effect Al2O3, BaTiO3, ITO, LiNbO3, PLZT, Y3Fe5O12, ZnO, Bi:YIG
Memory MRAM Sc:AlN, Gd:HfO2, BiFeO3, CoFe2O4, CrO2, LSMO, MnFe2O4, MnO2
Conductors Electrodes, reflectors, alloys, super-conductors, metal-insulator transition, oxide electrodes Ba(Bi, Pb)O3, LaNiO3, SrRuO3, SrLaCuO4, V2O3, Yba2Cu3O7-x, ITO, IZO, IZrO, IWO
Epitaxy Templates, superlattices, 2D-materials CeO2, GaN, LaAlO3, MgO, SrTiO3, TiN, YSZ, MoS2