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Solmates is expanding! The launch of our new ‘dot-com’ website comes at a breakthrough moment marking Solmates’ expansion in high volume manufacturing. With multiple production qualifications on-going in 200 mm MEMS and first steps towards 300 mm Solmates is expanding.
While Solmates is in full operation, we are challenged by the global pandemic to bring our latest news face to face.
Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) presented at the international MEMS2021 conference a DUAL-AXIS RESONANT SCANNING MEMS MIRROR WITH PULSED-LASER-DEPOSITED BARIUM-DOPED PZT
A 5G RF device component company has recently qualified a Solmates PLD-based thin film device for pilot volume production. 
The EIC blended accelerator award combines both a grant and an optional equity co-investment of the European Investment Fund.
Solmates made great progress on its strategic mission to bring Pulsed Laser Deposition equipment to the volume production market.
Solmates has a long-lasting track record in PZT and recently presented a public update on 30 and 40% scandium doped AlN capabilities.  
Barium titanate (BaTiO3 or BTO) is a perovskite material that shows interesting ferroelectric and electro-optical behavior that strongly depend on the crystallinity of the thin film.
Solmates is very pleased to announce its most recent equipment deal with the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) in Bucharest, Romania.
Don’t miss our next webcast entitled “Solmates’ Pulsed Laser Deposition: finally, a manufacturing-ready deposition solution?”.
Solmates is very pleased to announce a deal with the Technische Hochshule Deggendorf in Germany.
Since September 2019 Solmates is part of the RVO Solar ERA NET CUSTCO project.