300mm PLD system for TH Deggendorf

Solmates is very pleased to announce a deal with the Technische Hochshule Deggendorf in Germany. With a Solmates PLD system the TH Deggendorf equips itself to perform thin film material development and process validations on substrates as large as 300 mm diameter. The “Technologie Campus Sensorik 4.0” in Teisnach, part of TH Deggendorf, aimes to service SME and semiconductor manufacturers with their technical endeavors on one hand as well as educating technical students about the latest technological innovations on the other hand. The Solmates PLD system comes with a range of materials which are of interest for, among others, sensor fabrication. Solmates is proud to be able to deliver a system to an ecosystem in which advanced applied research and technical education go hand in hand.