Solmates PLD in the recent Ultrasound and Sensing Technical report of Yole Developpement

Volume manufacturing of PMUTs: we are proud to see an update on Solmates Pulsed Laser Deposition in the recent ‘Ultrasound and Sensing Technical report’, from Yole Développement written by Jerome Moulyand Alexis Debray.

Solmates has a long-lasting track record in PZT and recently presented a public update on 30 and 40% scandium doped AlN capabilities.  While PZT-based piezo is still leading in sound pressure, it also has its drawbacks in terms of contamination concerns. ScAlN is closing the gap with excellent linearity, bi-polar actuation, higher breakdown voltage, and a recently measured piezo performance of -e,31,f of 3.5 C/m2,. It enables monolithic pMUT-on-CMOS, with Solmates PLD equipment for volume manufacturing.  ​

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