Upscaling wafer size from 200 to 300 mm

A small engineering step for Solmates, a giant leap for thin-film PLD manufacturing.

We are very proud to show our first ever 300 mm wafer coated by Solmates-PLD thin film equipment. A small engineering step for Solmates, but a giant leap forward for thin-film manufacturing. Utilizing the intrinsic local nature of Pulsed Laser Deposition and innovative Solmates ‘bridge tool’ design, the scale-up from 200 to 300 mm was simply a matter of increasing the wafer scanning area, without the need for a larger target.
This milestone was achieved at CEA-Leti and marks a bright future for PLD materials in automated 300 mm wafer device manufacturing.
Contact Solmates to learn more about the 200/300 mm bridge tool and what this could mean for your 300 mm roadmap

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