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Solmates announces sale of its first 300mm PLD system for 5G applications

Solmates is pleased to announce the sale of a 300mm Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) system to CEA-Leti. This PLD unit embodies Solmates’ latest proprietary capabilities and allows integration with established cluster platforms, so as to combine it with other process steps. Upon installation of the system, during H1/2020 in CEA-Leti’s cleanroom in Grenoble, France.  Solmates and CEA-Leti will start a Joint Development Program to develop thin-film materials for 5G applications, such as lead-free alternatives for piezo actuators (RoHS directive) and upscaling to 300mm wafer size. The goal is to obtain robust and cost-efficient deposition of thin films with unique material properties.

Sothachett Van, Business Developer at CEA-Leti, says:

“As a leading technology research institute, CEA-Leti is looking forward to this new PLD equipment platform because the physics of Pulsed Laser Deposition has intrinsic advantages that enable us to develop new materials. Solmates is the leading equipment provider for PLD processes. This collaboration will enable CEA-Leti to seize the opportunities of PLD to develop novel devices for the 5G markets.”

Arjen Janssens, CEO of Solmates, says:

“The Solmates’ development and engineering teams have made fantastic progress and we are fulfilling our roadmap on application performance and defect controls. Supported by the SME Five-G grant*, we have developed a new cluster compatible PLD chamber configuration for the 200 and 300mm manufacturing market. CEA-Leti is widely recognized for development of advanced technology, with knowledgeable people and strong industrial partnerships. We are excited about this collaboration as this will boost our mission to provide PLD as manufacturing-ready technology for deposition of thin films.”

For more information about CEA-Leti, please visit: https://www.leti-cea.com/

*) The FIVE-G project is funded by the EU under the H2020 program (contract number: 858428).