Solmates PLD process qualified for pilot production in 5G market

A 5G RF device component company has recently qualified a Solmates PLD-based thin film device for pilot volume production. Currently the devices manufactured on an SMP 800 are going through evaluation by their 5G end-users,  a foundational step towards ramp-up and volume production.

The device component company worked closely together with Solmates on their Solmates PLD tool to achieve this milestone. “This is another validation that our PLD thin film technology is entering into the 5G volume production phase” CEO of Solmates, Arjen Janssens, stated. 

“Solmates recognizes the need to partner with our customers to achieve and utilize the full potential that PLD offers, compared to conventional thin film technology. We value and strive for a strong collaborative relationship with our customers to realize their device requirements as well as working on the device development roadmap. ” said the CEO.

“Solmates is much more than just an equipment vendor to us. They have been such a cherished partner throughout the number of technical hurdles we overcame together. We are thrilled to begin the next phase of development with our new PLD supported product”, Director of Technology, Customer