The road to your future proof Solmates PLD system

Solmates has launched the first High Volume Manufacturing platform in 2020. The core of this platform is the result of truly multidisciplinary engineering, combining optical engineering, mechatronics and material science. The platform can be expanded, starting from single wafer handling to fully automated cluster compatible.

Solmates-PLD brand promise

Thin-film performance

Superior thin-film materials.
Now and future technology nodes.

Consistent quality
and defect control

Uniformity over hundreds of wafers with proprietary PLD particle reduction for high manufacturing yields.

Cost advantage

Lower Cost-per-Wafer due to cost efficient small size ceramic PLD targets and industry standard throughput.

Equipment flexibility

One single equipment configuration suitable
for a wide range of materials.

Short time to market

Fast cycle from feasibility to qualification
and manufacturing ramp-up.

Service Solutions

Responsive to customer needs.
Turning feedback into solutions.

Besides new proprietary modules for defect control, this platform is designed to meet all manufacturing requirements.

We introduce a ramp ready production platform.
This platform has a low entry investment in the technology and the possibility to ramp-up to production volumes at any given moment. Depending on the desired throughput we have options available to integrate the system with a single wafer loadlock, a cassette handler and a fully automated cluster configuration for substrates up to 300mm. Increasing the throughput of the system means increasing the laser power and frequency.

In case of a growing production volume Solmates exchanges laser with a more powerful and higher frequency laser to ensure high run-to-run consistency and commercial throughputs and yields.

Particle control
Particle count is vastly reduced with Solmates’ proprietary droplet trap filter on every Solmates system and every Solmates system comes with a recipe editor which can be used online or offline. Our small sized “ScanramicsTM” ceramic targets are a cost effective alternative to the larger targets used in other deposition technologies.

Cluster mainframe compatible PLD chamber:

  •  Wafer facing up, up to 300 mm wafer size
  •  Small footprint with option to place the laser in the sub-fab

Robust design for HVM operation:

  •  Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
  •  User friendly interface and integration with fab automation systems

HVM platform basic features:

Substrate size: Up to 300 mm
Substrate type: Round, square
Target capacity: Up to 4 targets, changeable without vacuum break
Process temperature: RT - 750ºC
Mainframe compatibility: Compatible with any standard mainframe
Thickness uniformity: WiW: < 1.0 % 1s
WtW / RtR: < 1.0 % 1s

Future viability: system set up ready for growth

“Solmates PLD allows you to grow along with the market.
This enables a relatively low investment at the start”

The philosophy of Solmates PLD is to be set up for growth with our ramp ready platform. 

Solmates-PLD Frequently Asked Questions

Solmates has demonstrated 1 nm/sec on 200 mm wafers using a 300 Hz laser. However the deposition speed varies with wafer size and external laser type, meaning that on smaller substrate sizes the deposition speed could even be higher. For a tailored throughput number on your specific process, please contact Solmates.

All PLD processes are available for 300 mm processing. PLD requires scanning of the substrate with respect to the deposition plasma. The step from 200 mm to 300 mm wafers is simply achieved by expanding the scanning surface, which does not change anything to the deposition process itself. The same 75x75mm ceramic deposition target can be used for both substrate sizes, enabling a wide range of available processes on 300 mm.

The system is available in a cluster compatible configuration, more suitable for higher volumes, or in a stand-alone configuration with a loadlock for process qualifications and development. So, depending on your business case there is a cost efficient configuration.

For our current install base we already have a support network in place covering the US & Canada, Europe and Asia. Together with our local partners we are ready to expand our network, enabling the best support for Solmates PLD equipment. More about Service & Support

We have four demo systems at Solmates HQ in The Netherlands. Two systems are reserved for running 30% and 40% ScAlN. The other 2 for a wide variety of materials, such as LiNbO3. Capacity is about 25 wafers per system per week including system re-calibration and setup for each new demo. Request your demo here. 

Basically all substrates. Pulsed Laser Deposition does not have any requirements to the substrate, since there is no need to apply an electric bias to the substrate. This gives flexibility to your layer on any available material, even plastiques or organics. 

To bring the full benefits of Solmates-PLD technology to the market in the most efficient way, we collaborate with the largest supplier of SEMI compliant equipment automation software: PEER Group.