Solmates-PLD deposition targets

Ceramic targets
One of the major benefits of laser ablation is the use of ceramic deposition targets. Compared to alloy sputter targets, these ceramic targets can be fabricated cost efficiently and allow a wide variety of multiple element compositions. Since the laser spot energy is often way above the ablation threshold for the individual elements, PLD is a very suitable technology to deposit complex material compositions with volatile elements. Over the years this has led to a wide range of material systems that have been demonstrated by researchers in many different application fields.

"Ceramic deposition targets offer great flexibility in stoichiometric deposition of very complex materials"

Deposition targets are a crucial part of quality control in PLD processes for manufacturing. The interaction between the laser pulse and the target material heavily influences the quality of the resulting thin film, meaning that variations in target quality can lead to unwanted variations in thin film specifications.

Solmates has a long history in dealing with target suppliers to ensure the best possible quality. For advise on your material of interest, contact our service department.

Scanramics® ScAlN targets

Solmates introduces Scanramics® targets for cost effective ScAlN depositions in our PLD equipment. The Scanramics® material is exclusively developed for Solmates PLD, and takes into account all aspects of HVM manufacturability.

Up to 5x Cost-per-Wafer reduction using Solmates Scanramics® targets

Where PVD demands a target size typically larger than the wafer, the local nature of PLD enables the use of small and affordable deposition targets. Since PLD is a stoichiometric process, the Scanramics® targets have a ceramic nature instead of an alloy nature, making the fabrication process much less expensive.

The combination of affordable deposition targets and improved film uniformity (yield), gives PLD a significant advantage in cost-effectiveness. Please contact Solmates for a tailored cost-per-wafer calculation.